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Michael Nhat - Self-titled LP

Image of Michael Nhat - Self-titled LP


side a
1. Here's A Mop to Clean the Floor
2. A Lot Of People Ask If That's Her Real Name
3. Tell Me You're Not Wearing That
4. Death By Bells or Cemetary (w/ Jbts)
5. Everyone Knows Werewolves kill
6. Dirt (w/ Travisaurus) / (bonus - Tongue Part 1 w/Timmo & k-the-i???)

side b
7. Tongue Part 2 (Sandra edit)
8. Blood on the Cats Skin
9. Japan
10. We're Learning How To Walk Through Walls
11. Photos f A Klansman Raping Bettie Page / (bonus - When Dracula Met the Wolfman (w/k-the-i???)
12. Ponds and Lakes (w/Cardio Pulmonary)

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